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Hello! Welcome to my work page, where I’ll show you what I’m working on and projects that are already ready for sales.

  • General specifications

  • My intention and develop compositions with great creativity and totally exclusive
  • Ready products will not be offered for sale as a project, but as a job of mine, the customer will send the model request with the briefing, I will change the model and send it to the client.
  • The Client will not need to know about 3d or 2d manipulation software, since I will send the model completely finished.
  • Videos, Patterns (MP4 – 1920×1080) (MP4 – 1280×720) (QuickTime + Alpha 1920×1080; 1280×720)
  • Photos, standards to be combined with the client.
  • Delivery time depends on the complexity of the project, but, everything will be done to be delivered in a maximum of 48 hours.